Cannot use Shipping by Weight after the setup

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      First, I must say it’s a great plugin. However, I’m having trouble following your Shipping tutorial here:

      I have set up Shipping by Weight successfully. All the required weight/cost options have been set up.

      Then I went to Woocommerce’s own settings and made sure “Marketplace Shipping by Weight” is ticked under the Shipping settings.

      Whenever I try to add a test product to my store, there is no way to select this shipping option. It’s not there.

      I think this is the part of the tutorial I’m struggling with because the described options are not there!!!

      Enable shipping by weight from WCfM Dashboard -> Setting -> Marketplace Settings -> Enable Marketplace Shipping by Weight

      No matter how hard I look for it, it’s just not there. I can see your screenshot, where you have “limit products by 10 per page” and then a couple of positions down you have this “weight” option. When I look at my settings page, I do have the “10 per page” but then next positions are default logo and default banner and the shipping options is not there. I’ve even tried Ctrl+U to make sure it’s not hidden because of my browser.

      Please see the screenshot. Left hand side is from your Tutorial. Right hand side is from my actual store.

      Can you please suggest how I make the “Marketplace Shipping by Weight” usable when adding products?

      Thank you.

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      Please check this new documentation –

      Shipping options are now come under separate setting tab WCFM Admin Setting -> Shipping Setting –

      Thank you

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      Ok, thanks for your help!

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