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    • #110681

      Hi, i am constructing a multi-vendor marketplace for nursery. All delivery will be done by the vendor (no postage as live plant is not allowed to post in my country).
      May i know how to set delivery date and time in my marketplace? So that the customer can pick a date & set his desired time upon checkout. Thanks!

    • #110711
      Robo Kopy

      Hello, I believe that one option is to create custom fields. Where the buyer will put the time he can receive delivery.

      P.S. I never used this feature, but I know it is available in the Ultimate version.

      Kleber Costa

    • #112122

      I also need the same for my vendors. Could you please let us know? Thanks.

    • #115446
      Tobias Safaie

      for me, that would be a very important feature as well.
      it would be important that the seller can offer a number of orders in a defined timeslot.

      and the customer should be able to choose a time slot

    • #115461

      I think this would be a good feature too but I’m struggling how this could be implemented to allow so many different options with some many different vendors.

      Would the vendor have OPTION to “offer delivery time slots” and then the vendor is able to build that time slot table? Because depending on the vendor they may not be able to offer that level of delivery detail/times so this would need to be optional.

      For example
      A farmer would offer deliver based on “Day” (Pick “Monday” or “Friday”)
      A bakery might want to offer “morning” or “afternoon”
      and a retail store might not want to offer any time slot because they have no control over when it gets delivered.

    • #115462
      Tobias Safaie

      with this plugin from Yith is it possible for the vendor to create his own timeslots. (

      if this is to difficult to achieve I would say 15 Minute windows would be good for restaurants as well as food delivery.

      The topic is a bit complex but really important to make the delivery boy plugin more usuable.

    • #137952

      Yes but if you have vendors from whole country but you Manage local delivery only in your city than this plugin from Yith is not useful for our situation since it allow local delivery to one city from whole country. It means if you offer local delivery in London but you have vendors from whole United Kingdom than even vendors from Manchester offer local delivery to London. But how it is possible? By private airplane?😂😂

Viewing 6 reply threads
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