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We're shifting our Forum based support to a more dedicated support system!

We'll be closing our Forum support from 10th June, 2020 and move to Email Support assistance.

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      1. How can I make shipping classes usable for vendors? Shipping by wight is not helping and zone as well. Is only shipping by classes that can help as vendors sell different products with different shipping classes.
      2. How do I create knowledge base? Not sure how to add things to my knowledge base
      3. Is there any codecayon App for wcfm that you recommend for getting an APP for my marketplace?
      4. Vendors cannot get the option to upload products using CSV files. Any tutorials on this?

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      WCFM support replies takes some time, so for the moment:
      1. https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/wcfm-marketplace-store-shipping/ –> everything that exceeds the features in the before mentioned link, WCFM will probably ask you contact WCFM-Custom. Let’s see what WCFM-support response.
      2. https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/wcfm-knowledgebase/
      3. https://wcfm.app/
      4. Coose “product” from the left menu at your vendors store manager and find on the top right a button named “products import” (on the right of “add new”) which brings you to the .csv upload page. https://wclovers.com/forums/topic/guidance-documentation-for-bulk-product-upload/

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      Hello Sebastian. Thanks for the reply. I think the wcfm APP is only for vendors. On codecayon people sell source codes to create an App for woo and other marketplace plugins. Was wondering if anyone has used one with wcfm.

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      Sayan Naskar

      Hello @owusuoppongemmanuel,
      1. For Shipping classes, it is available in the shipping by sone. but admin must enable shipping classes from the admin settings.
      The documentation for shipping by zone is available in the link: https://docs.wclovers.com/store-shipping/#zone-wise-admin-settings

      2. All the apps in the codecanyon are third-party apps so we cannot recommend them to you without properly testing them. But don’t worry we are planning a customer app very soon.

      Thank you @SebastianFloKa for the other answers.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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