“Group auto-assignment on Registration” – cannot see option auto-assign Vendor

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Groups & Staffs “Group auto-assignment on Registration” – cannot see option auto-assign Vendor

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      At bottom of page it says;

      Admin will have a new settings tab under their WCFM dashboard front-end setting page – Groups & Staffs.

      You can set new Manager and Staff creation mail content.

      Most importantly, here you will have a option “Group auto-assignment on Registration”.

      If you enable this then a group selection dropdown will be automatically append to your site Vendor Registration form. On registration vendors will be auto-assign to the preferred group they have choose.

      – I have the “Groups & Staffs” option in my Settings menu.
      – There is NO option “Group auto-assignment on Registration”.
      – I have also looked in Settings > Vendor Registration and can see no option there either.

      How do I auto-assign a Vendor to a group when they register?

      A screenshot of my Settings > Groups & Staffs Settings is attached.

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      Vendor registration now totally gets controlled via WCFM Membership. You’ll need to create your membership and there you can also map that membership with a Group. That way when a vendor gets registered under that membership they will automatically assign in that group as well. Please refer to this updated membership documentation- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZndDZTS7QtVCeXC79jM3HnMnW8l7HRJLgJK5pJotrNs/edit?usp=sharing
      Thank You!

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      I also have WCFM Membership setup and the ‘memberships’ are linked to Groups…..however there is also nowhere in Memberships to make one the default membership on registration.

      For registration we use: [wcfm_vendor_registration] and when Vendor registers, we want this to default to a set of capabilities via Group / Membership (Vendor does not select a membership ‘level’).

      How do we do this?

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      For this, go to your Membership settings page (click on cog-wheel sign at the header bar while on the Membership page) >> General tab. Now choose the membership plan that you want to use as default membership against Basic Membership field.
      That’s it.

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      I would like to do just the same:
      – a new vendor can register using [wcfm_vendor_registration] and is assigned to default membership (I created and set a default membership)
      – later on he can select a different membership (I created more membership but don’t want to show them on registration)

      1) I created a page using the [wcfm_vendor_registration] shortcode but something doesn’t work:
      – verification code is not sent
      – State dropdown list is empty
      – tooltips are not displayed
      is this a javascript issue or what?

      2) how can I modify the link “become a vendor” placed under WooCommerce Registration Form? Now it points to Vendor Membership Page [wcfm_vendor_membership] but I need it to point to Vendor Registration Page [wcfm_vendor_registration]

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