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      Dear Support,

      One of the difficulties that I am having is knowing what documentation is under just the Ultimate plugin. I bought the plugin, but here on your site you have everything just scattered. They are not grouped together. You have so many features and different plugins, that for a new customer it is really difficult to separate what documentation goes with the ultimate and what comes with the standard plugin.

      Take a simple example. You have a page for the ultimate with the features listed, but you fail to add hyperlinks to the specific sections/documentation.
      You need to group your documentation by product.

      Also I have noticed that alot of your documentation is outdated. And often you speak of a feature, but does not show how to get to it. So there is no context.

      Kind regards,

    • #122978

      Dear @tideon,

      Thanks for sharing your views and we will definitely take a serious note on this, infact we are already working on creating a new documentation site here – and will cover all the modules soon!.

      Also note that these new documentations will be aligned to the latest development and hence updated. So no worries.

      Hopefully we will be able to resolve issues for valuable customers like you soon 🙂

    • #123167

      Dear Avinaba,

      This is good to hear. Here is an example of a page that talks about a feature
      But I cannot see which menu I have to head to, nor does your document say where to find it. You also cut off the screenshot in away that we cannot see it’s context.

      Also I am not sure if this is a separate plugin or a part of ultimate or just apart of the standard install.
      My suggestion would be to have a “mode” where you highlight the ultimate features, because as a new user, I can’t tell what is new from what was there from the standard install.

    • #123588

      Thanks a ton @tideon for your suggestion and criticism, be assured that we are seriously looking into it and you will get a much better set of user-guidance very soon. Will look forward to your collaboration like these! 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads
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