How to make WCFM GST Ready?

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM How to make WCFM GST Ready?

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      As Indian Tax Regulation, we need to collect and submit GST on every sale and margin collected to the Government.
      Just want to confirm, how to achieve this GST flow:

      For example:

      Step 1: If a vendor submits a product of price ₹500 to the WCFM then GST will be applied of 5%. After the GST the product will be available at ₹500+5% of 500 = ₹525 to the customers. (Everything is fine for this step.)

      Step 2: If a customer orders the same product then e-commerce operator collects the ₹525 from the customer and deduct the margin of 10% from that amount that is ₹50. (This step is also fine.)

      Step 3: Then again 18% GST will be applied on the margin deducted that means 18% of ₹50 = ₹9. It means eCommerce operator will deduct ₹50 (10% margin on the product price) + ₹9 (GST on the 10% margin collected). (I can not achieve this step.)

      Step 4: The eCommerce operator also needs to deduct 2% of the product price as a Tax Collection at Source (TCS). It means the eCommerce operator will deduct 2% of ₹500 = ₹10 from the amount he collected from the customer. (I can not achieve this step also.)

      In short: The eCommerce operator needs to deduct 18% on the margin amount and 2% on the product price from the vendor. It means the total amount vendor will get after GST and TCS deduction is as follows: ₹525-₹50(10% margin)-₹9(18% GST on ₹50 margin)-₹10(2% TCS on product price)= ₹456.

      But WCFM only deducts the percentage margin from the sale. Please help as the current tax flow is necessary if we want to run the E-commerce marketplace in India.


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      WCFM Forum


      Please go to wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Setting -> Tax -> Standard Rates -> setup tax setting here

      Thank You

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      Hey Priyank issue for gst on commision was resolved. please go through this.

      Hey Wcfm my query is that we have to cut a amount from taxable amount of the product that is called tcs i.e. 1% of the taxable value of the product.
      For ex. Product price 1000 + 12 % gst = 1120 total price. So we are liable to cut 1% from the 1000 rs. i.e. 10rs. and there is not tax above this
      So in total we are taking our commision+ gst on commision(18%)+ 1% of the taxable value of the product.

      Kindly resole the issue asap.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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