How to setup tax based on Vendor store address

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      Can someone let know how to calculate tax based on vendor store address and not based on the default marketplace store address entered in woocommerce?

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      Tax as well as shipping needs to be calculated based on Vendor Store Address…

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      Hi @xyz.murali

      Regarding your tax question I think I can help.

      I was able to set mine up so that each vendor has their own individual tax rate. You’ll need to setup each one individually in the woocommerce admin dashboard manually. Go to Woocommerce/Settings/Tax. Make a new rate for the specific vendor you’re configuring.

      Once this is complete your vendor will be able to select this tax rate in their own vendor dashboard when they’re making a new product or editing an exiting one. They’ll see the new tax selection under the “Tax” tab in the product manager in their dashboard. They’ll need to set each product individually as Taxable and pick the correct rate associated with their store.

      In case you might not already know this info… To ensure each vendor selects their rate for each product, you can make it mandatory to select. In the WCFM admin dashboard you can select which fields are mandatory for your vendors when they’re setting up new products. “Product Custom Validation” Tab has these features.

      I Hope this info helps you.

      Best of luck!

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      WCFM Forum

      Thanks @Makers.

      Well, if you setup vendor shipping then it will calculate shipping from vendor’s address –

      Thank You

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      Thanks @Makers and @WCFM Forum

      Our tax calculation is that, if seller and buyer are in same state then the tax collected is 100% IGST only one component, if they are in different states then the tax collected is two components (50% CGST + 50% SGST)

      For Example for tax class of 12 %, if the seller store address and buyer address are in same state then tax will be IGST 12%, if the seller store address and buyer address are in different state then CGST 6% + SGST 6%.

      there are two issues here
      1. The problem is currently the tax is calculated based on Marketplace store address compared to buyer billing address or buyer shipping address, but it should be based on Seller store shipping addresss compared to buyer billing address
      2. Is there a way I can override the tax calculation function to have simple calculation by comparing states of seller store address and buyer address. I will define different tax classes for different tax rates like 5%, 12%, 18%. If the seller and buyer are from same state then only 100% IGST of applicable tax class should apply. If they are from different states then divide the tax class to 50% CGST + 50% SGST

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      Can someone help here please….

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      WCFM Forum

      Already replied at forum

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      I am looking similar feature so GST calculate based on vendor and buyer address instead of buyer and admin address. Is it available on “ultimate marketplace“? Can you please share me forum url?

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