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    • #109610

      Dear WCFM Team,

      When announcements are submitted by Admin, vendors will always have the reminder with the number next to the Announcement Icon. They cannot mark the announcement as read for themselves.

      Example: That means if admin has submitted 3 announcements, the vendor will always have the “3” in their Store Manager Dashboard and they cannot close/remove the reminder. Therefore it is really important that you can mark an announcement as “read” so that it is not annoying and distracted the vendor anymore!

      I hope you can implement this feature. Some of our vendors hate this…

      Kind regards


    • #135590

      3 months later and no fix?

      This is still a big annoyance. My vendors cannot mark notices read. Needs a fix ASAP.

    • #135620

      Jumping as a new user of WCFM, this does need to be fixed. Even if you delete the announcement. The number stays there. Defeats the purpose of new announcements.

    • #135624

      Yep, I bought the ultimate package yesterday and discovered this. Quick way to annoy your vendors.

    • #145529

      Want to bump this – I just noticed this issue myself and it still looks like the issue has not been fixed several months later. This is important since it is confusing to vendors, and they won’t know if they need to be checking for new announcements or not.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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