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      Hello, will WCFM work better with this POS for woocommerce https://woocommerce.com/products/point-of-sale-for-woocommerce/

      wePOS include admin fee to POS sales, which is not supposed to be so.

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      Is there a plan to integrate built-in POS system that won’t charge a commission on POS sales?

      If NO, I have a solution

      Requirements for Wclovers:
      1. Add POS switch under capability for wePos
      2. Add No. of order limits under Membership => Subscriptions.
      3. Add Transaction charges from Settings => Payment to Memberships => Commission

      How it works for Marketplace owners:
      1. Turn OFF POS capability for all groups or memberships
      We will need to create a new group and membership for vendors with physical stores that want to integrate online and offline sales
      2. On new group, we turn on POS capability
      3. On membership settings, we set commission to 0 (zero)
      4. Put limits on orders (optional). Let’s say 500 orders for so so amount. (You can make it unlimited but for me, I want it limited so I can create special plans for store owners that want to integrate online and offline sales. 500 orders/mnt cost xxx; 1000 orders/mnt cost xxx or unlimited orders/mnt for xxx)
      4. For online sales, we set transaction charges to cover gateway payment processor fees

      With this setup, there will be so many possibilities.

      POS Integration
      Point of Sales (WePos) not workinghttps://wclovers.com/forums/topic/point-of-sales-wepos-not-working/
      Integrate with the Top Rated POS System on codecanyon ( Openpos – WooCommerce )

    • #132806

      does wepos shows vendor details on the receipt?

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