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Products From Multiple Vendors stored and Shipped from One Same Location

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Products From Multiple Vendors stored and Shipped from One Same Location

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      How are you? I’m using your plugin for my local e-commerce in Paraguay, great tool!

      Now, I’m struggling with an issue. Here in Asuncion, multiple small manufacturing companies leave their products for Sale on consignment, which means that the store keeps a small stock of products, and after a given period (say a month) they pay the product manufacturer for what they sold.

      I had to adapt my e-commerce website to this “business model”, so I keep products from local manufacturers in store, and when a sell is done, I do the shipping from here. Therefore, Vendors can use the website as a tracking tool of their sells, and they are really happy with it!

      However, I’m aware that this tool isn’t build to work this way, since the moment a multiple products and vendors sell is done, different Shipping Fees are added to the cart, even tho they are sent from the same place, my office/logistics center.

      How can I set up that on a list of A, B, C & D vendor, B and D have their products in my office on consignement, therefore if a customer buys products from A, B, C & D, he gets the shipping fee from A and C, and one fee from B and D?

      Thanks a lot!

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      Well, you have to setup shipping as vendor for the purpose – https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/wcfm-marketplace-store-shipping/

      Thank You

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      I read what you sent but I still don’t understand how I’m supposed to do the setup.

      If I have Stores A, B & C on my page, A and B being products I have in my warehouse and C is in a different locationl, and no “shipping from store” activated, then the shipping costs from products from the 3 stores are just one flat rate, even tho products from Store C aren’t in the same location.

      As soon as I activate the “store shipping”, each store has a separated shipping cost in the checkout page, even tho I deactivate the setting in each individual store, I get 3 shipping fees in the checkout, but I have two products in the same location…

      Is there a solution for this?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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