Refunds With SCA & Stripe Split Payment And Separate Charges & Transfer

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      Hi Guys

      I have started a new thread here so its easier to keep track off

      on this thread here i asked about how refunds worked

      my problem is this, vendors do not want to wait to received there sales revenue, they need it at the point of sale, so withholding this for X amount of days will not work for us. not only that but stripe recommend this is not the action marketplaces take

      but, as customers are entitled to refunds 14 days after the date of delivery, we have no way of refunding this money

      as an example

      (customer A) purchases a T-Shirt from vendor 1 for £10
      vendor 1 receives the sales money (£9.45) after 3.5% +0.20P commission has been deducted

      7 days later vendor 1 gets these funds to there bank account

      12 days later (customer A) requests a refund

      our platform is responsible for this the whole £10 and as such it will be deducted from our stripe balance in full

      we are now owed this money from (vendor 1)

      how do we get that back?

      when we used split pay with direct charges, this was not an issue as
      the vendor was responsible for refunds, chargebacks etc

      but now our platform is, this is a complete legal change, not only to mention a financial one too

      how can we recover these refunds from vendors when they have already had the funds moved to there bank accounts?

      I hope this makes sense


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      this document is what I was sent via stripe, but it seems that there no way to claim money back from a connected account


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