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shipping by weight – last request and COMPLAIN

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate shipping by weight – last request and COMPLAIN

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      Hi there,
      it’s more than 1 week i am asking info about shipping by weight. nobody answer from wc i don’t know if this is normal. I followed the instructions on your faq but it still takes the standard price. do i need another plugin or what?
      Please wait for your answer with a full description how to solve this. I think more than 1 week to wait for an answer and with many mail sent is not normal at all.
      Thank you in advance and I cross the finger

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      … well, I’m trying to make WCFM run since 7 months now. So I payed them money to do almost fulltime testing for them for free and on top now I’m even paying fiverr developers to find out solutions but they are also limited. So yes, there are difficult times, but as mentioned, it’s honestly 7 months now of intense working and still not able to go live. So don’t get me wrong, I understand that 1 week waiting is not good, but if you are waiting for answers since months somethings tells me better to inform how this courrently works here. To be fair:
      – moving the display of the postal code was solved for somebody else and when I participated I was helped by somebody obviously working at WCFM
      – They solved my WC-delivery time field fatal-error issue with the last update which I don’t need anymore because I payed a lot to fiverr developer in the meantime to use other field.

      For your shipping topic:
      It helps if you post screenshots in English. In your case I would check if “spedizione per paese” (probably by country) works and then switch to weight. Don’t know if there’s an issue because you have provinces activated, I would avoid this in the beginning. Check if in admin dashboard you have selcted this one for your vendors as choice. Check that Italy or whatever is selcted as possible delivery country from the “generale” tab and that the corresponding vendor has no complicated logic, like different weights etc. Just a value in the field “if no other rule is applied” (and country). Let me hear if this helps, then we could do the next loop.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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