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Vendor Documentation

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    • #121949

      Is there any documentation we can pass onto vendors about setting up their store?


    • #122098

      Well, here’s a link of vendor registration process which might m=be helpful- https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/wcfm-marketplace-vendor-registration/

      Additionally, I am attaching a separate documentation of vendor store setup process which we will be publishing soon in our documentation. I am sending you a rough version of documentation as of now, so please co-operate on the typos ( if any)

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    • #122173

      Thanks for that, but I think I was not clear.

      I want documentation I can give to the vendors about how to run their store, what options they have at a vendor only level, my vendors are confused with all the options. Ideally something we can whitelabel or add our own logo too would be great. Not sure if this exists, but thought I would ask.

    • #122356

      To be clearer in my store I have a knowledgebase link which goes to page
      <my store>/store-manager/knowledgebase/

      But its empty, it just says “Guidelines for Store Users”

      Is there any documentation to go into these pages? If not would you consider setting up a whitelabel version that maybe we could add too?


    • #122843


      I guess you are looking for a all-round documentation of our plugin, right? If that is so, then you can find lots of documentation here- https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/

      We are also in a process of revamping our documentation, so let us know specifically which settings you need assistance in, and we shall help you on that.

    • #123230

      Thanks but I dont think your understanding the problem and im not sure what else I can do to explain. Documentation for VENDORS that we can give them, rather than sending them to the general documentation which mixes up admin and vendor docs.

      With the new documentation, you could look at the payment gateway settings like stripe, it needs to be more detailed.
      Commissions, you need to outline all the commission types and explain how they get paid clearer and how its worked out with examples, including the withdrawal charges etc, these should all be together so people can understand whats what.
      Withdrawals could do with more input too, for example, if they select bank transfer, how does an automatic withdrawal go through, if you have to do it manually? I tested this the other day and the vendors were being told they had been paid straight away, but thats not possible with manual payments, how do you handle mixed clients, for example one client uses stripe for immediate payout, another uses bank transfer??

      The documentation needs to be upto date, and include examples.
      hope that helps.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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