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Vendor policies in checkout

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      Hello WCLOVERS,

      the German law requires to display the vendor policy with a checkbox on the checkout form. The enhancement WooCommerce Germanized enables to display my shop policy but not the policy of the seller shop (vendor).

      Can you tell me how I can do this within WCFM?

      Thank you very much for your feedback,

    • #114958

      What if you have products from 5 different vendors in cart. Do you need to show all those polices?

      Are you sure the policy required at cart by the country is needed for “each vendor” or just the “marketplace policy”?

    • #129635

      Any solution for this topic?

    • #130444


      What if you have products from 5 different vendors in cart.

      As multivendor checkout based on WCFM Stripe Split Pay does currently not work properly for the requirements in Europe:
      A) no tax split and wrong tax on shippment:
      B) only american cards (Visa, Master) can be used and none of the many other stripe supported payment gateways such as apple pay, google pay, giropay, SEPA, etc.,

      Therefore I assume all participants on this post go for singlevendor checkout with PayPal. So than it’s absolutely fine to have one policy button per vendor, because there will be only one and one button for platform policy.

      “Are you sure the policy required at cart …” It should be on the checkout page, not in the shopping cart!
      And yes, the request of DeinDorfleben was to have this button for each vendor…

      And I would even go a step further and add one point:
      Germanized plugin displays to each product price the amount of VAT (if there is VAT) and a link to shipping cost. This shipping cost link directs to a page where I have write something like:
      “sorry, please go to the single product page or the store page of the vendor you want to by something from and search for policy tab and have a look to shipping prices there or put a product into your cart and let the costs calculate”
      Actually it would be correct to link this “shipping cost” directly to the store policy of a vendor. Probably difficult to do but this would be correct.

    • #151240
      Alexandru Buzatu

      i am waiting for a solution on this too.
      the vendor’s policies should be listed on the checkout ( for each of the vendors )

Viewing 4 reply threads
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