WC Subscriptions not charging renewal Stripe Split Pay

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      I’ve setup WC Subscriptions on my site and have only Stripe Split Pay enabled as the payment gateway. The issue I am having is the subscriptions set up correctly and charge the initial payment, but when the subscription tries to renew it fails and goes into an “on hold” status.

      I contacted Woocommerce support and they believe this is an issue with stripe split pay not working correctly with subscriptions. They ran several tests using stripe split pay and then were able to make it work correctly using the default stripe gateway. Like I said the initial subscription charge and commissions work correctly, but renewals and other subscription features aren’t working with stripe split pay.

      Thank you for your help.

      Best regards

    • #80525

      I got this error (image attached) when I tried to manually create a pending renewal order. using Stripe split Pay.

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      WCFM Forum

      We are checking this, whether it’s possible to charge automatically using Stripe Split pay API or not!

    • #81084

      Thank you for looking into this!

    • #81601

      I have to be honest though. I’m not so sure the Stripe Split Pay would be a good solution as a payment gateway for subscriptions anyhow unless a lot more functionality is added.

      For example all these features below are supported by using the regular Stripe gateway, but almost none of these features are supported for split pay currently. Only “subscriptions” as of now.


      Without these functions being added to the stripe split pay app, it’s not such a good option as a gateway for subscriptions at this time. Just my opinion, but seems obvious to me. It’s why we’ve decided to use the normal Stripe gateway in the meantime unless something changes in the future regarding this.

      Best Regards and Thank you for your continued support it’s very much appreciated.

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      WCFM Forum


      I have to be honest though. I’m not so sure the Stripe Split Pay would be a good solution as a payment gateway for subscriptions anyhow unless a lot more functionality is added.

      – Right, Stripe Split pay API does not support all such subscription options. It’s better to use default WooCommerce Subscription plugin for these.

      Thank You

    • #81719

      Yes. We are using the default Stripe gateway now, but need help working through calculation issues. I’ve tried to detail these issues in a few other threads here in the WC Subscription forum. I writing this here so you’ll know these calculation issues are not resolved. It’s actually since switching I found one new one.

      So I definitely need your assistance working through these issues in these threads below.



      Thanks again!

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      i have same problem

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