[wc_front_manager] & [wcfm_vendor_registration] not found. (after Installing)

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace [wc_front_manager] & [wcfm_vendor_registration] not found. (after Installing)

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      I experienced problems after installing wcfm. [wc_front_manager] & [wcfm_vendor_registration] not found. previously wcfm nomal (found page). then I tried installing wcmp. but after I review it turns out that wcfm is the best. I uninstalled wcmp then reinstalled wcfm and this is the problem [wc_front_manager] & [wcfm_vendor_registration] not found. right now I want to install the free version of the plugin first because I think my shop is still small and the free features that are complete on wcfm are all I need. is there a conflict of functions on the same 2 plugins? please help me regarding this problem. thank u

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      Thanks for getting in touch with us!

      Now regarding your issue,
      First of all De-activate the all wcmp plugins and uninstall. after that clear the cache.
      Then install & activate our WCFM-Marketplace(https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-multivendor-marketplace/) and WCFM plugins(https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager/).
      After that Please be sure that page set at wp-admin -> WCFM Options – https://ibb.co/kJb5SDq.
      And create a page with “[wcfm_vendor_registration]” Vendor registration shortcode

      Let us know how it goes.


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      I did it. but it still didn’t work. I also tried many ways but it still didn’t work. help me, because I really want to implement wcfm on my website …
      thank you

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      Are you using multi-site?
      For getting this error “https://wclovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/wcfm-disable.png” the only reason your previous marketplace plugin is not deactivated and uninstalled correctly.
      If it’s your demo site, then we suggest please reinstall/fresh your wordpress site again with our WCFM plugins.


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