Who is using Cryptowoo on their marketplace. I have an offer you will 100% want!

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      I have been in contact with Felix from Cryptowoo about some functionality that the plugin needs and he came back with an option of a new addon which will make it way more suitable for a multi-vendor marketplace.

      I’m looking for current users who want this functionality and would be happy to chip in to pay for this. We would get the plugin and lifetime support. Details of the additional functionality are below:

      The custom plugin that will do two things:

      1. Allow the vendors to add a bitcoin address to their profile info

      2. Give you a “Bulk option” similar to the PayPal Mass Payment where you can export a list with every vendor’s payment address and his withdrawable balance calculated in bitcoin. This file will be compatible with Electrum.

      This would allow you to process the commissions in the following way:

      1. Periodically export payable commissions for Dokan vendors (code automatically calculates BTC amounts)

      2. Import CSV into Electrum, send payments

      3. Mark the entries in the Dokan overview as “paid”

      The thing I would have to do for this to work is creating the profile field for the bitcoin address of the vendor and write the code for the bulk export that calculates the bitcoin amount from the vendors’ orders and prepares a CSV file formatted for Electrum.

      There will be no need to pay me anything, once we have a group who want this together, we can each pay our share direct to the Cryptowoo team directly so there are no worries.

      Cheers all

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      INEX Market

      I would be one. We are currently using WCFM for our marketplace and are looking into integrating btc payments. Depends on the costs of course.

      • #128798

        Price per person depends on how many interested parties we get. They want $1000 for the development with A lifetime licence with free ongoing support and updates.

        It saves a whole lot of time and manual work and if we can get a group of people interested then it becomes quite cheap.

        Anyone using Cryptowoo of a busy marketplace will need this for sure.

        – are there any other Bitcoin / crypto / cryptowoo forum posts that you could direct me to? Thank you in advance

        • #128804

          Just so we are clear. This is additional functionality to the already available “cryptowoo” plugin.

    • #128751

      Hi guys, as a part of WCFM team, we will keep a watch on this development and any assistance needed from us will be provided, thanks!

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