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  • Jitske Naberman

    I checked, but this does not solve the problem. I still get commission per product and not per order. Only took some time to find out as most orders don’t contain more than one product.

    Main problem could be that de filter is

    add_filter( ‘wcfmmp_is_allow_commission_fixed_per_unit’, ‘__return_false’ );

    However, my setup is not Fixed commission but Fixed + Percentage

    Further more, the commission should also include tax (which it doesn’t) – can do a workaround for this by simply adding the tax in the fixed amount, but would not prefer that.

    This really requires a reaction from the WCLovers team.

    Jitske Naberman

    Any news on this subject? For one of my vendors I’ve also noticed their order disappearing from their view. For me as admin it is still visible. But if they look at their order overview they no longer see an order they did see before. The order is visible in their ledger book and reports – but there they cannot look at the order details.

    When I look at the vendor home page I see that there is 1 product “awaiting fulfillment” – I guess this is the order that is not visible (the vendor actually only received one order until now) – but when I click on that link it will not return any results (other than an empty table with No matching records found).

    Tried to change the order status back to processing etc. but that also does not help.

    The vendor did at first try to mark the order as shipped, but got the error “This status is not allowed, please go through Shipment Tracking” – after this the order disappeared from their view.

    Jitske Naberman

    Are there any updates on this? In urgent need of fixed commission per order and not on a per product basis. Currently using the percentage + fixed commission model and seeing that orders with more than 1 product receive a too high admin fee due to this.

    What we’re looking for is: percentage per product (as per rule) + single fixed fee per order.

    Note that ideally the fixed fee is divided over multiple vendors if the products from multiple vendors are included in the order, if the vendors are using the same shiping class.

    in reply to: Link to trashed products missing from Products view #136531
    Jitske Naberman

    … additionally, I’m getting the same request for Reviews – here the vendors also want to be able to view the trash folder.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)