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  • in reply to: Directory #117556

    I’m not 100% convinced. I’ve just added a code snippet that has disabled the mandatory email for WordPress users and you can see the code snippet in the link below. I’ve also attached a screenshot to show email is no longer required for WordPress users.

    Website: https://www.wppluginsforyou.com/how-to-create-users-without-email-in-wordpress/
    // This will suppress empty email errors when submitting the user form
    add_action(‘user_profile_update_errors’, ‘my_user_profile_update_errors’, 10, 3 );
    function my_user_profile_update_errors($errors, $update, $user) {

    // This will remove javascript required validation for email input
    // It will also remove the ‘(required)’ text in the label
    // Works for new user, user profile and edit user forms
    add_action(‘user_new_form’, ‘my_user_new_form’, 10, 1);
    add_action(‘show_user_profile’, ‘my_user_new_form’, 10, 1);
    add_action(‘edit_user_profile’, ‘my_user_new_form’, 10, 1);
    function my_user_new_form($form_type) {
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    // Uncheck send new user email option by default
    <?php if (isset($form_type) && $form_type === ‘add-new-user’) : ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

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    in reply to: Directory #117524

    Thank you for your response but that is not going to work. I would need to create over 100 test email addresses and I do not have the time to do that. I am willing to pay someone to make the email on sign-up optional. Are you able to provide me an approximate quote?

    in reply to: Directory #113220

    Hi, that is not the way I wish to use the accounts for the time being.

    Are you saying there is no code snippet to allow stores to be created without an email? I would like for the username and password to only be mandatory.

    I need to create over 100 stores which I will add myself. The business owners can email me if they wish to claim their account at a later date. They can add their email then.

    in reply to: Australian Delivery Providers #111641

    Hi, thank you for your response. I do not have the option to mark an item as shipped in the orders section. Have I missed something in the settings section?

    in reply to: Remove term "Delivery Boy" #108721

    Great, thank you!

    in reply to: Stripe live payment do not work #108625

    How did you get it working if I may ask?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)