WCFM & Germanized – entering a delivery time crashes product manager

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM WCFM & Germanized – entering a delivery time crashes product manager

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    • #119206

      If a vendor creates a new product (or edit), the layout of the site (of the product editor / manager) crashes completely if a delivery time is entered by the vendor. No possibility to get back the product content, not even for admin.

      As it’s not imaginable to run a platform that crashes the products each time a vendor enters a delivery time, I tried to rollback to older versions, but I got in conflict with WooCommerce versions. So I don’t know how to come out of this.
      Could you please!! solve this as it’s a roadblocker and I don’t see a detour.

      – plugin versions: All latest versions of plugins are installed (WooCommerce, Germanized, WCFM inlcuding WCFM Marketplace, Ultimate, Groups&Staff).

      – fatal error message:
      2020-04-14T21:16:30+00:00 CRITICAL Object of class WP_Term could not be converted to string in […]/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php in Zeile 1117

      — here the lines:

      1116 function wp_check_invalid_utf8( $string, $strip = false ) {
      1117	$string = (string) $string;
      1119	if ( 0 === strlen( $string ) ) {
      1120		return '';
      1121	}

      – video of the issue in next post:

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    • #120310

      In todays update changelog you mention “Enhance – WooCommerce German Market product fields compatibility added”.
      Did you really mean “WooCommerce German Market”? If yes, does it mean you will switch supported plugin from “Germanized-plugin” to “German Market – plugin”?

      If this was a typo and you intended to write “Germanized”, then above described issue is not yet fixed.
      The video in the next post will show you
      – that I updated to latest version
      – where these delivery dates are entered
      – that the problem persists

    • #120311
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    • #121803

      to be fair with you: I now deleted all delivery time proposals, so the customer cannot choose any so the page cannot crash anymore. I had to translate the fields like “don’t use this button” etc. So it’s not a roadblocker anymore but really not nice. Also @Orth.Bastian was able to reproduce this bug.
      Question: does anybody know if I can implement the existing “process time until delivery” into the product list page? This would solve the issue from a legal point of view for the moment.

      • #132269

        I have tested and this issue is fixed now. Could you please check that on your side?
        Thank You!

        • #132282

          thanks for checking!
          The point is, that WCFM didn’t inform that they “will look into this” or “will be fixed with next update” and no answer anywhere so I hired a pro developer from fiverr in order to make your “processing time” usable with germanized. Therefore I’m unfortunately not able to use the fixed “delivery time” from germanized anymore. Usually I’m happy when WCFM fixes my issues but when I saw in changelog you worked on it without informing I was a bit disappointed because I’ve spent all the money and time for nothing.

          However, I can confirm (as mentioned above) that this issue was solved, yes.

    • #122300


      I have the same issue – it’s not possible to save delivery times on product level in WCMF vendor shop.

      Error Message:
      Recoverable fatal error: Object of class WP_Term could not be converted to string in /…/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1117 Es gab einen kritischen Fehler auf deiner Website. Erfahre mehr über die Fehlerbehebung in WordPress.

      Could you implement a bugfix so this function can be used as soon as possible?
      For German law this information has to be displayed on product level!

      Thanks for your support!

    • #129133

      after having spent a lot of money in fiverr webdevelopers to find a turnaround for your bug (because I had the feeling you don’t take such posts serious anymore) – I saw yesterday it was part of your update to solve this.

      Q1: Now that the field is useless to me, is there an option to hide this delivery time field?

      Q2: There is still the question about Germanized and GermanMarket open. Now that GermanMarket – plugin is supported as well, will you
      A) switch from Germanized to GermanMarket or
      B) will both be supported in future

    • #129778

      Could it be that by fixing above topic a new one was created? I’m using latest version of everything and ….
      #1. If now a vendor (or admin) marks an order as shipped (for example from the order overview), the status doesn’t change to “shipped” anymore. No more blue truck visible even emails are sent to the customer and notifications to vendor and admin.

      Since some time I’m also facing the issue that
      #2. Emails with tracking information are sent per item and not per order. So for 3 items 3 emails are sent, even I added the code snippet to functions.php to send one note per order not per item. Is there a code snippet to send one shipment tracking email per order not per item?
      #3. “inside an order” there’s this field to enter shipment tracking information either for complete order or for certain products. In my case only first product is visible and possible to select. So for example if I want to mark the third product as shipped is not possible.

      All this and also a modification of a wcfm ultimate core file that “solves” the problem #2 (from a payed fiverr developer but is not safe from wcfm updates) can be seen in video next post.

      just to mention: I now changed to single vendor checkout by running the paypal direct pay plugin, In the new settings tab for orders I have order sync checked and have Disable Multivendor Checkout not checked because running paypal direct pay plugin (correct?).

      • #132273

        #1 – To get the blue shipped icon when a vendor updates the shipping tracking code, URL, etc, you will need to uncheck Order Sync option from Settings >> Order Settings.

        I’ll test and update the rest of your queries one by one.

        Thank You!

        • #132283

          OK, thanks so far. Unfortunately my system works slower if unchecked and I thought with singlevendor checkout it would be OK to have it checked, but OK: ORDER SYNC = unchecked.

          • #132309

            #2 If we use add_filter( 'wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification', '__return_false' ); then only one shipment tracking info email is going to customer when vendor updates shipment tracking, which is correct. But for admin, a different email (Order Note) is getting fired, that too for each item. This behavior is wrong and will get fixed ASAP.
            Thank You!

            • #132347

              #2 If we use add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification’, ‘__return_false’ );

              It’s getting weird now! At the time WCFM introduced this code snippet in beginning of January 2020 I saw the the note in the changelog. I spent a long time to figure out that the code includes the word itemize and not itemwise (see difference in added “w” and changed “s” into “z”). In order to inform others about this obvious source of error, I posted on 12 of January this year a clarification and got the explicit confirmation of WCFM that the code must include “itemize” and not itemwise:

              So please don’t tell me you’ve changed the code snippet in the meantime without informing!!
              For a moment I thought it’s required to use both and made some test using the same order (not created a new order eacht time):

              add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification’, ‘__return_false’ )
              results in following emails: 1 note (a text sent to customer), 1 tracking-#, 3 order status change

              add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemize_notification’, ‘__return_false’ )
              results in following emails: 1 note (a text sent to customer), 3 tracking-#, 5 order status change

              add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification’, ‘__return_false’ ) AND
              add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemize_notification’, ‘__return_false’ )
              results in following emails: 1 note (a text sent to customer), 1 tracking-#, 3 order status change

              So you obviously changed the code snippet and it takes you months to tell us!!

              And still one thing. How to make the system send ONE email PER ORDER if the order status change?

              • #132367

                And still one thing. How to make the system send ONE email PER ORDER if the order status change?

                I checked and one of the three completed emails is the offical WooCommerce “order completed” email (marked with green check) which can be deactivated from WooCommerce/Settings/E-Mails.

                The other two are actually “order notifications” (marked with red cross), they are slightely different but almost similar.

                Question: Is it possible to eliminate the two notification emails (marked with red cross) and keep the (much nicer) order completed email (green check)? If not, OK, but how to reduce the two outstanding notification emails to one email, please?

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        • #132290

          #3 – This is dependant on wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification filter. The default value is false here. If you passed true then item wise shipment tracking will be possible. Use it like add_filter( 'wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification', '__return_true' );

          • #132350

            #3 – This is dependant on wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification filter.

            Sorry, not clear. I cannot run
            add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification’, ‘__return_true’ );
            in parallel with
            add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemwise_notification’, ‘__return_false’ );

            If so and if I choose the “return_false”-code in order not to bomb customers with emails: Does your explanation means that it will not be possible for vendor to mark a specific product as shipped but only a complete order?

            If so and let’s say a vendor has 3 products (product1, product2, product3) in his order. Then let’s go inside an order as a vendor with all the details (so I’m not talking about the order overview where you can mark only complete order as shipped which is fine). Then currently it’s possible to mark either “product1 as shipped” or “complete order as shipped” (see screenshot)?
            But the vendor should be able to mark either “complete order as shipped” OR “any combination of specific items of the order as shipped”.
            Or to delete the “mark product1 as shipped” and only allow to the vendor complete order as shipped – right?

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    • #129788
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    • #129992
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    • #130413

      Just for others as well:
      I posted a bunch of videos showing different scenarios of settings and none is working properly:
      My question to WCFM, also sent them per email:

      I’m running PayPal direct pay plugin, Ultimate, Groups&Staff, Germanized – all on latest version.
      How do settings have to be:
      WCFM order setting:
      – Disable multivendor checkout: checked or unchecked?
      – Order sync: checked or unchecked?

      WC settings / germanized / shipments:
      – Notify customers about new shipments: activated or not activated?
      – Enable: Automatically create shipments for orders: activated or not activated?
      – Update status: Mark order as completed after order is fully shipped: activated or not activated?
      – Mark as shipped: Mark shipped after order completion: activated or not activated?

      Code snippet in functions.php:
      – add_filter( ‘wcfm_is_allow_itemize_notification’, ‘__return_false’ ); use it or not?
      – Any other code snippet missing?

      Target ist ONE email per ORDER (NOT per item) sent to customer:
      – if vendor change order status
      – if vendor enter tracking information for complete order
      – if vendor add note to order that is supposed to be sent to customer

      Supplementary following should work as intended
      – order to be marked as shipped for vendor and for admin if tracking information entered.
      – possibility for vendor to mark specific items as shipped supplementary to mark complete order as delivered.

    • #130576

      … WOW, today I received an email from WCFM-premium-support. The one before arrived on 22nd of February stating they will “check my requests” (just to mention: yes I’ve sent many reminders in between) – Yes, difficult times, but 3 months is too long.
      In the email today they are only referring to above post. I think it’s kind of fair to share with other the status of your actions on this:

      Regarding “Disable multivendor checkout: checked or unchecked?” the answer is “-No need”. Whatever this means, I take this as “unchecked is correct”.

      Then I was explained the function of order sync when using multivendor checkout: Sorry, I’m running singlevendor checkout! So no answer which is better to achieve one email for customer notifications eventhough this has currently an enourmus impact on it.

      About the block that I marked with WC settings / germanized I was asked:
      “Are these WooCommerce Germanized setting? WCFM does not have any such setting options!” Well easy to answer: yes, exactly as written above this block

      Then I was asked: “This is for, how you want to notify your customers? For whole order one notification or notification for individual order items.” Well I’m happy to repeat myself: whole order one notification, please.

      Then I was told: “If you use this snippet then it will send one notification for whole order.” Well, if so, why am I sending all these videos in the blue private post to proof that exactly this is NOT the case under certain setting circurmstances.

      Then I was told: “Hope you know, WCFM has “Shipment Tracking” module. Now, if vendor add shipment info then will definitely notify customers. Not depend on any setting for Germanized plugin.” Well, the point is, I’ve sent a bunch of videos above proofing that WCFM tracking module is very much depending on the settings of WC-Germanized-plugin and that you should inform people about correct seetings. The funny part: I get a message once somebody watch one of these videos at loom and I’ve received only one notificaton message in total: from myself testing if this “video-watched-notification” still works.

      Please, simply tell us how the settings should be to run WCFM + Germanized in order to send only one email per order to customers concerning
      – note sent to customer
      – order status changed
      – tracking information added for complete order.

    • #130777

      @Sebastian well I must say that I was surprised to read you have settings for Single Vendor checkout because mine is still running on a snippet. There are no such settings in ‘normal’ plugin.

      According to the Order has Shipped option, unfortunately I had to turn the tracing option off in capabilities because when you activate it the shipping tracing info for vendor is required. And sometimes things just fit in an envelope for the mailbox and you don’t get a tracing code for that unless you pay extra.
      This means that when a customer orders something small that fits in an envelope/mailbox that most of the time the shipping costs are even higher than the item he has bought. That’s not okay for vendors because customers will look elsewhere where shipping costs are not that high.
      So I asked to make tracing info not required a couple of weeks ago, but still no answer (https://wclovers.com/forums/topic/store-invoice-make-shipment-tracking-not-required/).

      And so there are more things I still haven’t got an answer to or that isn’t completely solved yet.
      I think I,ve read somewhere that they are a team of just two people. And I don’t mind to wait a little bit on an answer but meanwhile I’m writing every issue down to ask later because former issues haven’t even been completely solved yet. And the list keeps getting longer.
      In the beginning they answered quite fast but it looks like the more you ask the longer it takes to get an answer.
      Sometimes I reply immediately with a follow up question and than I have to wait weeks before I get an answer, if I get an answer at all.

      I still love the plugins but these are very frustrating things of WCFM

      I feel sorry for you for having so much issues while spending a lot of money on it.
      I also had a few ideas for customization which I was willing to pay for but reading all your problems I’m not so sure anymore.

    • #131788

      I mark this with importance high: roadblocker

      I confirm, after deactivating germanized the issues persists eventhough the problems are sligthly different. But still not possible to send one email per order for all three requirements (order status change, notifications, tracking).

      Also some of the issues in following post I can confirm under certain settings of WooCommerce and are related to above topic of tracking-#:

      Also here is a post with similar topic:

      : Can you check, please? Do you agree?

    • #131792

      Also here : https://wclovers.com/forums/topic/shipment-tracking-and-confirmation/

      Mind you that I don’t use Germanized plugin so somewhere has to be a bug.
      I can’t imagion that this was done on purpose.

    • #132412
      WCFM Forum

      Please be sure you are using WCFM Ultimate version 6.4.10+

    • #135711

      Well, I am using the latest version of Ultimate and that was acutally the issue – because you changed the code snippet in between. See here the confirmation you gave me back in January that the code includes itemize instead of itemwise.

      So it’s still not clear which combination of snippets to use. Also above points from conversation with @sushobhan are still open.

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