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  • in reply to: Problem with Product Limits #138847

    Thanks for your help, you’re right. I had forgotten about this setting… sorry

    in reply to: Problem with Product Limits #138799
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    in reply to: Problem with Product Limits #138713

    @Avinaba: Any progress on this topic? I disabled groups & staff plugin. The problem still occurs. I changed the capability in the admin panel to some other values without success.

    Please have a closer look to this, i found workarounds for all the other problems but with this i’m not able to go live.

    Edit: I edit the product limit to a new value and deactivated the Ultimate plugin. Now the limit is set to the previous value and not to unlimited. When i activate the Ultimate plugin again, the limit is override with 3. In capability manager the limit is set to 15.
    When i deactivate the Ultimate again and activate the groups and staff the old value 11 is set. It seems with activation of the ultimate plugin the value gets override by 3 even another value is configured.

    in reply to: Problem with Product Limits #137828

    Hey, the group setting is 8, in the general admin panel is no limit set.
    I don’t have any individual settings for specific vendors. I registered an new vendor, which is added to the group with limit of 8. The vendor has also only 3 products. Limitation of storage is working fine. For this group it’s 25mb, if I remove the vendor from the group, the limit is set to unlimited like I configured in the general capability options.

    in reply to: Stumbled on Payment Issue #137675

    @Henriette: If you like to connect with Sebastian and me, you can find me on Xing with my Name (Working at VW). Maybe we can find together a solution to get the Mollie Payments with WCFM working.

    in reply to: Translate notice Single Vendor Checkout #134750

    Is there a solution to this? I’m using newest version of WCFM, and set the checkbox in the admin panel. How can i translate this error message? Above snippet isn’t working.

    in reply to: Stumbled on Payment Issue #134715

    how sad…. i thought it would be also possible for the split payment. I’m from germany and looking for a automatic split payment between buyer, the vendors and platform. It is no solution only to have a 1:1 transaction. I need a 1 buyer to multiple vendor solution.
    Yes every vendor need his own setup for the payment gateway. Atm i will start my proof of concept with the paypal direct plugin but this is no real solution for me. I need split-payments, which are supporting different payment methods like sepa debit transfer, paypal, SOFORT and not only credit card.

    in reply to: Stumbled on Payment Issue #134473

    I think here are enough people who would really appreciate such a solution.

    Here’s a documentation about how to add a custom payment gateway to wcfm:

    Maybe we can gather enough people together and hire an developer, who will implement this feature. I would pay for this.

    / @sushobhan: Hope you’re reading this

    in reply to: Vendor policies in checkout #129635

    Any solution for this topic?

    in reply to: Understanding of how payments work #128831

    Back to 4. I had a look in another thread. The support is always referring to really bad documentation about reverse withdrawal:

    “Now admin has to manage these reverse withdrawals.

    Just to mention, there is no automatic payment process from Vendor to Admin, so this will be a manual process.

    Admin will see all reverse withdrawal under WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Withdrawal -> Reverse Withdrawal (You may add this page in menu using WCFM Menu Manager as well).”

    So with paypal direct the full money is at vendor site. The vendors need then to pay the admin fees manually. And this is a real pain. You have to keep track of all payments and can’t rely on the marketplace.

    in reply to: Understanding of how payments work #128088


    support in this forum is not very good as this point. Maybe we’ll shoud try to write in the offical plugin support forum on wordpress.

    I can give you answers to some of your questions from my own experience with paypal sandbox testing:

    1. Vendor will pay paypal transaction fee as he is the only one receiving money.
    2. There is the reverse withdrawal option and i think you have to pay for receiving money (could not test this step as nothing is happening after approval of reverse withdrawal)
    3. If you use stripe splitpayment you’ll receive your commission (admin fee) directly and pay full stripe fees. But you can configure some transaction fees. I didn’t test this, is just tested the tax option for admin fee but the problem here is that the tax is calculated for the full order amount and not for the admin fee.
    4. Don’t know. The reverse withdrawal is segmented by order. It would be awesome to bundle those admin fees by vendor and make 1 approval for them, which will make a paypal api call to reduce paypal fees. But like 2. i don’t know what actually happens in this step. Only the admin fee in the vendor dashboard changes to paid but i can’t see any transactions in my paypal sandbox.



    i can reproduce this issue described by Sebastian.

    If you want to provide unified shipping method across all vendors and setup the shipping tax to Shipping tax class based on cart items. If then buyer 1 will add a article from vendor 1 without tax to his cart and a article from vendor 2 with tax to his cart.
    Have a look to the attached picture (right side). On the left side you see a situation, if i enable vendor shipping classes and the vendor defines his own shipping method without tax. In this case the tax is not calculated for shipping. If i create a shipping method which is taxable it will calculate tax, even the product is not taxable.

    This is not the solution i can accept. I really like the idea of the Multi-Vendor marketplace but all the problems about wrong calculation of tax/VAT is holding me back to buy your premium plugins…

    Hope you find a solution for this problem.

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    Dear WCMF-Team,

    i’m considering to create a project with WCMF. But without correct calculation of tax i won’t start this project. Please develop one of the solutions proposed by SebastianFloKa.


    : Maybe we can connect and share problems and solutions about WCMF for germany.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)